Satya Bala and Wak Sanyam

One source which can let us know the balance of Agni Soma in our body is our Nadi or Nerve. It helps us understand the degree of heat and cold in the body. This Nadi is the internal thermometer of our body. If there is high degree of heat inside the body, we are fed with medicines with high quantity of Soma to fill the gap in quantity of Soma. Similarly if the body is suffering with high degree of cold, then the treatment advisable is of medicines with high quantity of Agni. This same principle is applicable on Wak Shakti, because of which the speaker needs water to pacify the heat.


Anna Swaroopa Nirupana

From Mana to the Earth, this Atma is incorporated of just seven things. The name of seven alone is Atma. The Anna of this Atma are also seven. If any one of these Anna gets inflicted by conflict due to absence of mind, it goes into the Atma and starts disturbing it. It creates conflicting Anna deformity. For example, it creates fear. Only the Anna controlled by a healthy and alert mind, are healthy for the Atma. If any one of the Anna creates conflict of all seven, it becomes the reason for misery.