Gati – Stithi Nirupana

“Tamaha Prakashwatta” Like darkness and light, both Stithi and Gati Tattwa are in constant struggle with each other. But even though being constant opposites, Light and Darkness cannot exist without each other. Just like dark Krishna and luminous Radha remain together, in the same way Stithi and Gati are a couple. Gati Tattwa is the foundation of Stithi Tattwa and Stithi Tattwa is the foundation of Gati Tattwa. Out of these two the Stithi Tattwa is the one which is termed as “Brahm”.


A brief introduction of Pandit Motilal Shastri

“Madhusudhan Ojha’s knowledge of Vedic science in fact expanded in Motilal Shastri to a remarkable extent. Had there been a supreme council of our academia on the lines of Vedic ‘Panchal Parishad’, its great member-scholars would have understood the real worth of this unique literary happening and would have taken it to the world. ….We can call this literature as the encyclopedia of the intense and complex definitions of the Vedic Science. Such an amazing explanation of the subject is unparallel.”