This blog is dedicated to Pandit Madhusudhan Ojha Ji & Pandit Motilal Shastri Ji’s Vigyan Drishti.  Pandit Motilal Ji Shastri was the profound student of Pandit Madhusudhan Ojha & the torch bearer of ancient Indian Vedic literature and its true definitions, which he learned from his revered Guru. Pandit Motilal Ji Shastri wrote more than 1 Lakh pages of Vedic Literature during his lifetime that includes vigyan bhashya’s majorly on Upanishada’s, Geeta and Brahman Grantha’s.

Shastri Ji established Rajasthan Vedic Tattva Shodh Sansthan for the study and research of the Vedic Literature. I have been working with Rajasthan Vedic Tattwa Shodh Sansthan as Chief Secretary since September 2008. RVTSS is a 50+ year old, independent Literary and Research organization focused on Vedic Vigyan and the literary works of Vedic Scholars of International fame like Pdt. Madhusudhan Ojha and Pdt. Motilal Ji Shastri. My contributions have been towards:

  • Revitalization and Revamp of the Sansthan’s organizational structure.
  • Successful implementation of RVTSS’s blog and written articles on the history of the Sansthan, its heritage and Vedic Literature.
  • Translation of “Sanskritik Vyakhyana Panchak” in English.
  • Preservation and publication of the Vedic Literature of RVTSS.
I intend to revive the movement of preserving & researching this critical literature & knowledge, which is important for not only Indians but the entire humanity.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello

    We are two Independent Research Scholars from India want to study the philosophy of Science on the basis of Indian Vedic Concepts.
    Our area of Research and Study is to make advancement in the Basic concepts of modern Science by discovering the Ancient Vedic Science.

    The following is the basic Idea of the our way of studying the Subject :

    We two of us want to learn “SHABDVEDA” and to Decipher the Rig Veda’s Matras in concern of the creation of the universe and the Black Holes.

    In studying Sanskrit we found it quite delicate to explore the meaning of a single word, as we can see that Every single one of it’s word has significance like any Concept of Modern Physics.

    Please guide us.

    Thanks and Regards
    Deeksha & Sachin

    1. Dear Deeksha & Sachin,

      You are more than welcome to get in touch, to pursue your research further. We at Rajasthan Vedic Tattva Shodh Sansthan are working with the missions of surfacing the true definitions of Vedic Vigyan. I will connect with you on the Email provided.

      We will be glad to help you with material, knowledge and suitable mentors.

      Best Regards,
      Anirudh Sharma

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