Satya Bala and Wak Sanyam

Ishwara has bestowed human beings with many astonishing powers. One of such powers is the power of speech. This speech is termed as Wak-Agni in Vedic definitions. This Agni is the foundation form Brahma in our body. Since long the aphorism of “Speak Less” is popular. Even today, we see that our elders and teachers suggest us to speak the least. The major purpose of this advice is to ensure that people can keep their true form established. Not doing this results in weakening of senses because of the damage of Brahma or the foundational energy. The senses remain active because of the light of Wak-Brahma. So if the Wak Brahma will become weak, finally the activeness of the senses too attains a weak state.

Till the Agni keeps flowing in our body, the energy which keeps enthusing life in our senses keeps getting consumed. The foundation of this life protecting energy, is the Wak-Brahma. The moment this Wak Brahma weakens, the senses fail to answer the call of Karma Brahma. To re-energize the weak Wak-Brahma, and to bring the senses to their original state, there is a need to perform Yagya and with the help of Aahuti of Soma, the Wak-Brahma returns to its original state.

To understand all this activity, we can try to think of a speaker giving a speech in front of public. When speakers keep speaking, their Wak energy keeps getting spent. With continuous speaking, the Agni starts burning at a furious level and the person feels the need to have water. The moment he drinks water, the Agni Devata again regains the original form and starts to prosper with ease. This signifies the Aahuti of Water (Soma) in Agni. The foundation of water in Vedic definition has been called as Soma. This alone is called as Yagya according to – “Agnau Somahutiryagya”. To keep giving Anna (Soma) Aahuti in the Agni of our body is to keep our foundation state protected. The same thing can be said about Wak-Brahma.

Right now the important thing to understand is that the degree to which we will keep the Wak-Brahma in Sanyam or protected, our self will prosper in the same ratio. The effect of this will also be seen on our humanity. If we remain silent when a person says something to us and is expecting us to validate what he is saying as correct, then our silence is also a symbol of acceptance. This is evident in “Maun: Sammati Lakshanam”. So If you want to reduce your Avidhya with Atmagyan than you should try and speak the least or minimal. This very effort will prove your honesty to the world. A person who speaks only when required, according to the need of the situation along with disciplined words; his words are considered highly correct and true. The reason for this is the Bala of truth in his Hridaya. Satya Bala is also Wak Agni. Some people find it difficult to get them heard after repeated attempts, whereas others leave a great impression while speaking very less. The reason for this is Satya Bala alone. How much effect a person’s speech will leave is dependent on Satya Bala only. The person with powerful Satya Bala will leave great impression on others. A person with highly effective Satya Bala is called ‘Mahajan’. Whatever such person says, people have a tendency to follow him. This is also evident in “Mahajano Yena Gataha Sa Pantha”. That path alone is highest, on which Mahajana’s walk.

Individuals walking an opposite path to this, keep wasting their Wak energy in increasing capacities. This leads to damage of not only the Wak energy, but also the fundamental form of that person. This damage gets manifested into evils like, being a liar in front of the world. If you want to make your presence felt, keep your Wak Brahma established. The only way to keep Wak – Brahma established is to practice control over it. All above thoughts sound very mediocre and normal at the first glimpse. But, these simple sounding thoughts are highly Vaigyanic, and to understand their Vaigyanikta we will have to take shelter of Veda Vigyan.

There is foundation of, two kinds of Tattwa’s in our Adhyatma Mandala which we call as ‘Agni’ and ‘Soma’. But while performing Upasana, we are unable to judge; When to do Upasana of ‘Agni Brahma’ and when to do Upasana of ‘Soma Brahma’? What are the causes and effects of their Upasana? BY ignoring Agni Bala if you want to do the Upasana of Soma Brahma, then you should indeed speak ferociously, and Soma devata will undoubtedly be pleased with you. You can even envision this in the outside world, when the heat is really intolerable during summers, according to the principle of ‘Agne Rap:’ it gets transformed into rain.

Where there is Agni, there is Soma and where there is Soma, there is Agni; this is a very important and ubiquitous principal. If we ever wish to get a work done with only Agni and ignoring Soma, we will never be able to accomplish that task. Similarly, we cannot be successful in our work by ignoring Agni. For example we cannot keep the energy of our body with either one of Agni or Soma alone. Unless the Anna (Soma) is given to the body as food, we will not be able to work on the basis of Agni alone. Thus to get the body working we need to give Aahuti of Soma in Agni. Once the Aahuti of Soma is given, it becomes essential to consume the Soma, thus the Agni of body is required to consume the Soma. This system of balanced and continuous Aahuti and consumption can help us keep our body in healthy condition. If we do any mismanagement in our normal eating habits, the Agni-Soma balance gets disturbed and thus we get ill and then require medicinal efforts to return to our original balance again.

One source which can let us know the balance of Agni Soma in our body is our Nadi or Nerve. It helps us understand the degree of heat and cold in the body. This Nadi is the internal thermometer of our body. If there is high degree of heat inside the body, we are fed with medicines with high quantity of Soma to fill the gap in quantity of Soma. Similarly if the body is suffering with high degree of cold, then the treatment advisable is of medicines with high quantity of Agni. This same principle is applicable on Wak Shakti, because of which the speaker needs water to pacify the heat.

If you want to do Upasana of Soma Brahma then you should speak more and if it is Agni Brahma that you wish to do Upasana of; you should speak less. The founder of Soma is Varuna. While there is prosperity or Unnati in one, there is deprivation and Avanati in another. The one who grows Unnati is Indra. This Indra is also considered as Satya dharma. That’s why it is advised to speak truth and speak less. Just opposite to this, the one which takes towards Avanati is called Varuna, he is Asatya Dharma. So to save ourselves from this Asada Dharma, we should do the Upasana of Indra. In other words, the first step towards prosperity is to spend least Wak energy.

Soma is further divided into the three parts of Aap, Wayu and Soma. All these three come towards the center respectively. Till they do not arrive at the center, they get enough space to remain established. But as soon as they come to the center, all three have to share only one single point of the center and thus there is friction among them. This friction or struggle leads to damage of their peaceful state and creates violent state. This violent state is called as Agni. When this Agni reaches the tipping point or extreme state, it consumes the Soma. Thus, when the Wak Agni of a speaker becomes weak after reaching the extreme or vaporizing state, the Aahuti of water helps the Agni retain its original flamboyance. The balance in the quantity of Agni and Soma helps all other materials remain established.

By the excessive Upasana of either one of Agni-Soma, the balance in their quantity gets disturbed and creates pulsation among them. Due to this pulsation whatever thoughts are emerging in the intellect, get lost from there. Without a powerful intellect prosperity is not possible. The power or energy in the intellect can only remain active till both Agni and Soma remain in their equitable quantities and established, otherwise the difference in their quantities creates violent vibration. This vibration or pulsation is considered Asura Dharma and disturbs the peace of an individual. Our Deva Dharma thoughts get disappeared in the presence of Asura Dharma. The wellbeing of each atom is only possible with the competitive similarity between Asura and Deva Dharma; otherwise it leads to ‘Mahati Vinashti’. So to keep the intellectual thought process protected, it is always advised to speak less. We should always keep making optimum use of our thoughts and keep prospering. Thus, even the scholars have considered three jewels for human beings in life. Explaining about one of them it is said that, “Prithwiyam Trini Ratnani Jalamannam Subhashitam”. Just like a crow and nightingale sitting on the branch of a tree are identified with the voice coming out of their throats, similarly the right and true identity of a good or bad human being is his voice or speech.

-Aum Iti-


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